The vitalizing journey of existence

Hello to you. Welcome to us.

Like this fiery horse that follows the spire of the exhilarating wave while spanning existing buildings, we embrace the art of lifestyle. Again and again relentlessly we use our sovereignty. We mobilize the fabulous creative process reserved for the artist who actively lives in each of us. Sometimes we model our work in the artistic but very often in the art of daily living. We perfume ourselves with the extraordinary in the heart of what is most familiar


Yes to you infinite wealth, in me you are, sumptuous is my growth
I agree to Shania's Art of Lifestyle


1. Listen !

Listen to the rain and the wind, listen to the song of the day, listen to the breathing of the Universe, listen inside, listen oustide, listen to the story of the Mind. Sit and listen.

2. Our impulses

Our impulses are faithful, numerous and vigorous. They give us endless enthusiasm. They make us tast the flavors of life. They tell us the fantastic.

3. Momentum !

The momentum, the action, the realization, the expression, the sharing, the demonstration, the gesture, the behavior, the posture stirs our senses. Tenfold our ardor. Stimulates voluptuousness



« Un site hors du commun qui a eu l’approbation de toute la famille ! Les produits présentés sont à la pointe et que dire des cours proposés. Je recommande à 100% aux personnes désirant un Yoga qui sort du cadre ordinaire. »

★★★★★     Nathalie T. - Bruxelles

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