A Historic Turning Point

The Art of Living

A health crisis

Elegance, Dignity, liveliness. Be engaged on a stimulating road. With each pinch of mausade atmosphere, a handful of intense fun is added. Cordially, let our psyche integrate the shock of an experience of "tilting". Then an aura of magnanimity to set up a confined, deconfined, re-defined organization,... Dress his gaze with probity as often as possible and reconcile with uncertainty about the future. A situation wich suffers hardly from a skylight of egocentrism. Indeed an entire planet is facing the UNKNWOWN.  Agree on the natively scary situation and charm his feelings ! This being said, if it is still necessary to sense it, let's frolic with dejection. But whatever is present we continue to make every day an art of living. We have animated and edited a series of videos with good humor and tenderness. let's share a look overflowing with momentum of life

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