Elegance and Delight - Shania's Art of Lifestyle
Inhale the spark of magic

Tantra, what a godsend, a universe where we all become everyday gods and goddesses.

A look that gives pride of place to shimmering feminine qualities. A Unified restorative vision. A delicious freedom to adapt any lessons to who we are in this space time and who we will be in the next. Unwavering support of the present moment as the first moment of truth. The visible, the invisible, the interconnected, the interdependent, the multidimensional, the multirealities, make dreams of the eternal, the infinite, the profusion. 

In short, enough to install even more our Art of Lifestyle

A little playful conversation.

This morning I woke up in a conceptual mood and oh surprise, tantric philosophy took the floor.

"Observe how I exult the senses. How I spread the beautiful. How I offer the possibility of creating your dream. With me you are filled with delight. Not to mention that my permissiveness is perfectly suited to the planetary evolutionary stage of the moment. I favor a quick adjustement. I let you dive into a space dedicated to the resources of humanity.You are energized enough to develop your Shania's Art of Lifestyle even better. So am I right? "

Indeed, you give me a nice picture. A portray with here and there touches worthy of the greatest gastronomes. There is nothing to add I replied in a playful tone to match the pitch of the moment

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